Energy cost optimization

Optimization of the cost of electricity supply

For organizations with a cost of energy consumption above the million euros, we offer an optimization service aimed at reducing the cost of consumption, through these steps:

  • We calculate the actual energy cost we should pay. Knowing the real cost is the first step in order to optimize consumption.
  • We analyze the quotes from the Spot and futures markets.
  • Analysis of the aim of the power consumption curve of the company.
  • Negotiation with the supply companies.
  • Advice for the drafting of the tender specifications for electricity supply contracts
  • Real saving in the electricity consumption bill

Energy Cost Optimization Projects



Project of the road network of the Community of Madrid oriented to the optimization of the electricity consumption of the lighting. The reduction in the cost of electricity consumption of this project was around 25% savings.


Ubuntu eco asesoró a la Comunidad de Madrid en la elaboración de la política de sostenibilidad y ahorro de consumo eléctrico de Metro Madrid


Project for the reduction of the cost of consumption of the organization Metro de Madrid. The effective reduction in the cost of electricity consumption was 15%