Sustainable development objectives for large companies

UBUNTU ECO will help you define your company’s sustainability policy and develop the processes to meet the sustainable development goals, driven by the United Nations and required by the majority of companies.

Both for brand image reasons and to be able to attend public tenders where SDG’s compliance is an indispensable requirement.

We specialize in these Sustainable Development Objectives:

Depending on the specific needs of your organization, we will define the sustainability policies, optimize the processes and help you develop them. 
These are some of the processes that we can optimize:

  • Manage contracts with the guarantee that the energy has been produced in renewable energy plants
  • Qualify suppliers following environmental sustainability criteria
  • Analysis of the environmental footprint of your company
  • Optimize your organization’s residues management.
  • Advice for the reduction of the environmental footprint of your company

SDG’s projects made by UBUNTU ECO


Ubuntu eco asesoró a la Comunidad de Madrid en la elaboración de la política de sostenibilidad y ahorro de consumo eléctrico de Metro Madrid

Advising the community of Madrid through the Regional Transport Consortium to define the sustainability policy of Metro Madrid and the optimization of electricity consumption.


Asesoramiento a Previsión Sanitaria Nacional en la implementación de su huella ambiental y las opciones para reducirla. Ubuntu Eco

Previsión Sanitaria Nacional, commissioned UBUNTU ECO a plan to know its environmental footprint and the development of specific policies to know how to reduce it. In this project special emphasis was placed on the study of the environmental footprint of the hospital suppliers and the optimization and selection of the hospitals.