Sustainable Development Goals

Define the sustainability policies of your company

To be able to access international public tenders

Improve brand and company image.

Optimization of the cost of the electricity consumption

The reduction of the cost of the energy consumption of your company with our tools of analysis, knowledge and experience in the sector and negotiation with the main suppliers.

Implementation of renewable energy equipment companies

Advice for the successful access of companies that want to sell their equipment or components in Spain and Portugal. We offer the best contacts to shorten the project deadlines, save time and money and ensure success.

Sales agreements and Energy management of Solar and Wind projects

Agreements with suppliers and negotiation of the PPA’s to meet the objectives of Sustainable Development and Corporate Social Responsibility in your company

Neuroscience applied to the sales

The scientific knowledge of consumer behaviour will help you improve sales.

We train your teams on how to apply neuroscience to optimize your relationship with consumers.