We are a consultancy specializing in the implementation of sustainability strategies, with a strong focus on reducing energy consumption and GHG emissions.

We have a team of specialists with extensive experience in the adaptation and optimization of processes towards the path of sustainability.

We focus our activity on the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals promoted by the United Nations, achieving:

– cost reduction.

– Improvement of operating margins.

– Incorporation into international environmental sustainability indexes.

– Application of the principles of the circular economy in the companies.

UBUNTU ECO was founded by Marcos López-Brea in 2011. Marcos has a PhD in Environmental Engineering and a Degree in Economy from the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. He has extensive experience in the energy sector and is a professor at the prestigious EOI Escuela de Organización Industrial in the International Master in Sustainable Development and Corporate Responsibility and other programs in the area of Energy and Environment.

Marcos López-Brea and UBUNTU ECO were selected by the International Energy Agency for the  IEA RETD, Global Project on renewable energies vs. conventional energies, which marked a clear line towards the competitiveness of renewable energies worldwide.

UBUNTU ECO advised the Comisión Federal de Electricidad of the Government of Mexico in the implementation of the liberalization of the energy sector

UBUNTU ECO has provided consulting services to private companies, multilateral institutions, Governments and public companies.
It is an honor for us to have participated in the last three editions of  Sustainable Brands organized by QUIERO, where Marcos López-Brea spoke about circular economy and sustainability.